Since 1934, Staten Island Sail and Power Squadron has been teaching safety to the boaters of Staten Island, New York. Staten Island is one of the five boroughs of New York City. A unit of the United States Power Squadrons, SISPS has a vibrant educational program including the public Safe Boating course and a variety of courses available to its members. All courses are taught by volunteer instructors. SISPS members also enjoy an active social calendar of parties, picnics, and on-water activities. In addition, SISPS supports charitable efforts in the community.


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                                           COMMANDERS MESSAGE

                                            October - November 2020


  I hope that you and your family are doing well as we enter into the fall season.  It is always a sad time of year for me as we winterize and put our boats to bed for the winter.  I know that for some it has not been the best of summers but remember the old adage “a day on the water is better than a day in the office.”  I think that we all hoped that we would have control of the pandemic by now but that does not seem to be the case.  Restrictions seem to be lifting and more people are out and about but Hot Spots seem to be popping up.  With this in mind, we must continue to be vigilant, wear masks, wash our hands frequently and practice safe distancing. 

The bridge of SISPS is still looking to hold a meeting in the near future.  Restaurants and halls are opening up with 25% capacity.  Our Administrative Officer, Ann Zarr is still looking for a venue where we can hold our Christmas dinner.  Don and Margaret Heap have our Foundling Hospital fund raiser started and has already received over $500 in donations.  A email regarding the fundraiser was sent to all members as well as posted on our web site and Facebook page.  Our Education Officer, Dennis Genovese is looking into some seminars as well as a Basic ABC Class.  We will keep you informed of all these events via Email, Robo call, web site and Facebook if we can make them happen.

Congratulations are due to some of our members.  John Cassalbetta has attained 50 years membership in the USPS.  He will be receiving a pin and certificate directly from National.     Pete Woll, Fred Ardolino, and John Falvey all attained 25 years membership in USPS.  I sent them a pin in the mail.  I would have preferred to personally present them and I will acknowledge them at our next meeting.

On a sad note, SISPS lost 3 members so far this year.  Don Farrell, Bill Drinnan, and Norm Condit were all long time, active Squadron members.  May they rest in peace.

If you have not done so, check out our redesigned web site at sisps.org.  We will try to keep it up to date with information and events.  We are also posting information on our Facebook page.


Take care and stay healthy.

                                      Commander Jim McGrath

Just a reminder for all boaters in Great Kills Harbor.

The No Wake Buoy is back by GK Red Nun #6. The No Wake Zone is from the rocks at Crooks Point through the harbor.


Please be courteous to your fellow boaters.