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Since 1934, Staten Island Sail and Power Squadron has been teaching safety to the boaters of Staten Island, New York. Staten Island is one of the five boroughs of New York City. A unit of the United States Power Squadrons, SISPS has a vibrant educational program including the public Safe Boating course and a variety of courses available to its members. All courses are taught by volunteer instructors. SISPS members also enjoy an active social calendar of parties, picnics, and on-water activities. In addition, SISPS supports charitable efforts in the community.


Check out this interesting Article from 1943 Staten Island Advance.


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MARCH 14, 2023 @ 7pm

Pasta Dinner


By January 1, 2025, every motorized boat operator in New York State will be required to hold a boating safety certificate.
Good time to obtain yours. It does not expire

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Cdr Heap, Ann Zarr, Ken D'Albero & Cris DeMeo presented a $4000 check as well as many toys and stuffed animals to Foundling Hospital director Emelio Hernandez.  Dec 2022

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Every month SISPS writes a column for the RCYC Newsletter.
Cdr Heap feels that it is all good information and should be occasionally posted on the website

                   Safety on Land and Sea
Happy New Year.  I thought that it might be a good idea to start 2023 with some Boating New Year's Resolutions.

1.    After fueling, I will always remember to run my blower and vent my enclosed spaces.
2.    I will always have the correct number of serviceable Life Jackets on board and show my passengers where they are stored.
3.    I will check the weather forecasts before leaving the dock.
4.    I will make sure that my Flares and Safety Equipment are all up to date.
5.    When navigating in unfamiliar waters, I will check the chart and GPS.
6.    When passing or overtaking another vessel, I will throttle down so as not to create a wake.
7.    I will be courteous and use the proper signals to other boaters.
8.    I will review my First Aid and be prepared to render assistance when necessary.
9.    I will remember that I am in command of my vessel and responsible for the safety of my passengers, crew, and boat.
10.     I will take the Basic ABC Course (Required in NY State by 2025) or as a review course.  Offered by SISPS throughout the year.
Don't be a casualty, safety first.  Enjoy a Happy, Safe Boating Season in 2023
Remember to always be courteous to other boaters. Stay Safe!

Past Commander Jim McGrath - U.S. Power & Sail

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Although the deal on the flyer has expired, you can still sign up and get an excellent price.

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Fishing Boat

Fishing License


 Good idea to renew your salt water fishing licenses.  (Free)  If  you registered last year all the info should already be there.  NY you need your user name and password.  NJ just your name, birthday and last 4 of ss#.


New York:


New Jersey:


Just a reminder for all boaters in Great Kills Harbor.

The No Wake Buoy is back by GK Red Nun #6. The No Wake Zone is from the rocks at Crooks Point through the harbor.


Please be courteous to your fellow boaters.


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