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Every month SISPS writes a column for the RCYC Newsletter.Cdr Heap feels that it is all good information and should be occasionally posted on the website

                   Safety on Land and Sea
Happy New Year.  I thought that it might be a good idea to start 2023 with some Boating New Year's Resolutions.

1.    After fueling, I will always remember to run my blower and vent my enclosed spaces.
2.    I will always have the correct number of serviceable Life Jackets on board and show my passengers where they are stored.
3.    I will check the weather forecasts before leaving the dock.
4.    I will make sure that my Flares and Safety Equipment are all up to date.
5.    When navigating in unfamiliar waters, I will check the chart and GPS.
6.    When passing or overtaking another vessel, I will throttle down so as not to create a wake.
7.    I will be courteous and use the proper signals to other boaters.
8.    I will review my First Aid and be prepared to render assistance when necessary.
9.    I will remember that I am in command of my vessel and responsible for the safety of my passengers, crew, and boat.
10.     I will take the Basic ABC Course (Required in NY State by 2025) or as a review course.  Offered by SISPS throughout the year.
Don't be a casualty, safety first.  Enjoy a Happy, Safe Boating Season in 2023
Remember to always be courteous to other boaters. Stay Safe!

Past Commander Jim McGrath - U.S. Power & Sail



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