Our 2020 Bridge Officers

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James McGrath P


Executive Officer  

Kenneth D'Albero, P


Admin Officer  

Ana Zarr AP



Loretta Speranzo, P


Education Officer  

Dennis R. Genovese, SN



PDC James Ulirich, SN


Flag Lieutenant  

P/C James DiMeo, AP

Discounts & National Benefits
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Benefits of SISPS Membership
Becoming a member of SISPS offers opportunities to learn more about boating and to interact with others who share your interests.

Upon qualification for membership, you receive local squadron information via the SISPS Beacon, as well as a subscription to the USPS Ensign. You may also be interested in our boat insurance program and discounted membership in Boat US.

Boating Education
SISPS Educational Program provides opportunities to take courses in:



 Advanced Piloting

 Junior Navigation (Celestial - Sun Only)

 Navigation (Celestial - Other Bodies)

 Engine Maintenance

 Marine Electronics (3 Courses Available)



 Cruise Planning

 Instructor Development


In addition, self-study Learning Guides are available on many topics, including:


In addition to general meetings and programs, SIPS members gather formally and informally at:

  • District Fall Conference

  • Founders Day

  • Holiday Brunch (Benefits Staten Island Foundling Hospital)

  • District Spring Conference

  • Land Sea Fest & Fish Fry

  • Weekend Cruise

  • Rendezvous

  • Change of Watch